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Lovely Giveaway!  

I don't usually throw my name into the hat for giveaways unless it something I truly adore and would enjoy. However, what isn't there to love about this?

This was a giveaway a while back on Meg's blog and I actually won!! She had featured the work of this talented woman and I must say every one of her pieces makes me swoon!  Just check out her work at Little Pink Houses or on her blog.  Be sure to check out her "previous sales" to get a good look at her work.  Such treasure!

Now, just get used to the fact that you'll here me say that I love, love, love wool felt. It's such a great material to work with and is versatile beyond imagine.  I haven't purchased from many online vendors (I occasionally get lucky at a craft/sewing convention) but my one great experience is with Magic Cabin.  You can view their selection here.  

Here is a close up of the embroidered hoop.  

Now, if I could just find the perfect place for it.  I usually keep it in the kitchen so I can admire it while washing dishes.  It really does need to find a permanent home.  


Special Spaces

Recently I was surprised to discover a special space.  It wasn't a place that had been hidden.  On the contrary, it was within plain view.  All along.  Perhaps it was made special by the fullness of the branches of my favorite tree, the glorious lighting that can only be achieved at dusk, or the quiet in this little pocket of our landscaping. Whatever made it special, I knew that I had to create this into a magical space that my children could come and enjoy- a natural clubhouse, secret meeting place, or place to think, sip tea, paint, read, or imagine.  Let me share it with you.


The photos were taken in the early morning hours which gave this unskilled photo taker an advantage, however the space is perfectly shaded which lent itself nicely to hanging tea light lanterns throughout.  The candles (even the large ones) are electric - no need to tempt the 9 year old.

I made this simple string of flags from felt and a juvenile fabric collection I purchased last year.  I also made the table cloth with the same fabrics mixed with a bit of linen.  Don't you love it when something that has sat finds its purpose?

As much as I adore looking at Mamakopp's creations on my window sill, I believe I found a perfect home for two of her flying insects.  I am hopeful to add more of her lovely work to the branches of these trees.

A perfect place for the birdhouse Andrew made for me last Christmas:

A place to create:

A place to put the art supplies away but still be accessible for the next time:

Every space needs at least one of these to remind the visitor that the air has life even if it's not visible:

And finally, one of our majestic mesquite trees.....

This space is in no way complete.  I have inspirations of adding other lovely items that would enhance the calming characteristic of enjoying life beneath the trees.  Now, time to grab some books and the kids and enjoy the space.  The sun is now high and the shade is calling to us......




New Beginnings

Well, it's been several months since my dear friend and fellow blog contributor on balancedtension moved to Oregon.  I miss her like a school girl but I suppose the benefit of having a dear friend move away as an adult is that I can (hopefully) have better control of being able to see her, unlike pledges of being pen pals only to have those promises fade with time.  

The time has been filled with many changes and I guess venturing into a new blogging site is just one of those changes.  It feels a bit strange after having shared this type of space with someone to then go solo.  Steph, in many respects was my muse.  She inspired me to live more creatively.  There was always great joy in sharing with her anything related to crafting.  I guess more than ever, I need this space to share with her.  And with you.  

It is my hope that this space will be filled with creativity.  I always feel "right" when I create something. Anything.  And perhaps sharing on this space will inspire me to create more.  

Here's to new beginnings.