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I'm Kathryn. It's been 16 years since I first met my beloved husband and we are blessed with two wonderful children. And I hate the idea of trying to come up with an "about me" page.

Suffice to say that I enjoy creating most anything except scrapbooks- (the process requires too much organization which is something I lack).

My eldest child is 9 (as of this writing) and it has taken this long to really discover how I wish to parent. We homeschool so in many respects I think figuring this out earlier would have been nice.

I come from a background where children used pampers and played with Fisher Price. And, although we continue to be guilty of such things, I really would love to reform us entirely. My ideas have become more refined the last few years and I believe it is safe to say that I desire a more "wholesome" and "nurturing" environment for our family- one that consists of less plastic and electronics and one more natural and organic in nature.

My first love in the crafting world is to make toys for my children. There has been no greater reward than the appreciation that comes from my children loving my creations. They inspire me with their joy.

I am deeply inspired by Montessori and Waldorf play things. I believe this article sums things up best. I especially love number 3 in how you can tell a good toy from a junk toy:

"Is this toy beautiful? Have human hands bestowed an awkward grace, a uniqueness lacking in toys cranked out effortlessly by machine?"

Oh, and the name, Grembiulina? It's a take on the Italian word "grembiule" which means smock, apron, or pinafore. I was born in Italy and am closely tied to my heritage. As a child I would wear a grembiulino (little smock) so as to not dirty my clothing. In fact, both my mom and nonna (grandma) insisted that my own children wore them over their clothing when they were younger (not that it happened- I was just lazy that way). I am hopeful to use the name in a more significant way if my hopes and aspirations are realized. Stay tuned.